I was searching for how to articles on wikihow about how to stop watching TV and overcome laziness (things that all people tells you lies about them) and I found a LOT of how to articles about them and ALL of them are BOGUS!!! they are liars. they are trying to manipulate you into reading books and studying more and watching less TV which will NOT improve your life. in fact, your life will become worse without TV or radio okay?

so here is the articles that I’m talking about:

Best (not best but worst obviously) way to overcome laziness (look at the tips section of the article about the worst way to overcome laziness. in the tips section, it says: consider getting rid of your television. the pain is worth the gain. this is a LIE guys. in fact the pain is NOT worth the gain okay?)

3 ways to quit watching TV (fortunately in the warnings section of this article, it says that some people and family members doesn’t accept your decision of stopping watching TV specially if you live in a culture like: the USA where watching TV is a cultural norm)

How to Convince Your Family to Turn Off the Television (another bogus wikihow article as TV is NOT harmful to adults, teenagers or even children. remember that my family doesn’t accept these types of articles teaching you how to turn off the TV)

3 Ways to Overcome Television Addiction (Look at the step 4 of the method 1 of the how to article guys: it says that you need to avoid channel surfing. as I told on my previous blog posts, channel surfing is NOT a waste of time.)

3 Ways to Watch Less TV (look at the warnings section of the how to article. it says: “You might actually become more interesting if you do more things other than watching TV. Be aware that people find that attractive.” this is a LIE guys. today women specially young ones, does LIKE TV EVEN MORE than me you know?)

if I find another how to article about how to stop watching TV and overcome laziness, iI will be mentioning on this post okay?

wikihow is just ANOTHER website in conjuntion with Quora, Yahoo! Answers, article directories, some news websites, Personal Development/Health and money websites (Lifehack, the simple dollar, Verywell, etc) that people uses to tell you lies about reasons and how to stop watching TV, overcoming laziness or improving your life. in fact these things are lies and manipulative okay?

Thank you

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