Hi guys I will be posting a completely different post which is unrelated to my thoughts (and truths) about Watching TV, Listening to the radio or reading books.

I will be teaching you how to make bitcoins, litecoins or any other supported cryptocurrency at coinpot with your self hosted wordpress website by embedding your coinpot browser mining widget and then driving traffic to your website with traffic exchanges (like easyhits4u)

Step #1: if you don’t already have a self hosted wordpress website, find a web host, download wordpress to your computer, upload it and then install.

I recommend Hostinger where this website is hosted. it’s a very cheap web host so it’s worth it to check out. first, purchase the web host (which it costs as low as $3,99 per month) and then purchase the domain (I recommend .com which costs $8,99 per year or .net which costs $9,99 per year) then after making the purchase, download WordPress, upload it to your shared hosting server and then install it.

Step#2 Create your coinpot.co account.

Go to coinpot.co, click register and then fill all the required forms to create your coinpot.co account

Step#3 Embed your coinpot miner widget to your website.

First choose your preferred cryptocurrency and then click “View [cryptocurrency] Summary” and then click “Mine [cryptocurrency]” after that the new tab will open and you will be directed to the mining page. on the mining page, click “Earn more…” then look for the coinpot miner widget code below “Embed the miner widget on your own site/blog” and then copy the code. after copying the code, go to http://www.yourwebsitedomain.com/wp-admin, login to your wordpress dashboard, hover your mouse cursor to Appearance and then click “Widgets”. after that, choose where you want to put your widget (footer, sidebar, etc.) and then drag “Custom HTML” to where you want your widget will appear. after that, click on Custom HTML to open the title and the content form and then type the title you want and then paste the code you copied from the mining page of coinpot.co on “Content”.

Step#4 Create your account on easyhits4u or any other traffic exchange website.

this is easy. just click register on your preferred traffic exchange website and then click register and after that, fill all the required forms.

Step#5 Surf in order to get credits (and tips to avoid boredom right now on this post)

Just click Start surfing on your traffic exchange website. simple as that. BUT if you want to become less bored while surfing on traffic exchanges I do have a tip to you which is to listen to the RADIO online. I do recommend these websites: Internet Radio.com or TuneIn

Step#6 After getting enough credits, add your website to your traffic exchange rotation.

I will be teaching how to do so on easyhits4u where I do have an account: just click on websites and then Add a new site. then type your website address on “Link” and your website title on “Title”. choose your language your website is written in and then check the box “24 hours unique traffic” click advanced settings and choose where you want your traffic will come from on “Geo Targeting” and on “show” click on “15-20 seconds” and then select “40 seconds.” after that click “Submit website”. you will be redirected to a page where you must confirm your website submission to easyhits4u. just wait some seconds in order to the button to appear and then click that button.

Step#7 Assign credits to your website

This is VERY easy to do: Just type the credit amount you want to add on “assign credits” on your website and then click “assign”

So that’s it. I will be updating this post if necessary in order to add more steps in order to make crypto with self hosted wordpress website, coinpot browser mining and easyhits4u (or any other traffic exchange website) so see next time!

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