I will show you the evidence that this blog is telling you the truth RIGHT NOW!!!

When I tried to read a book, I always get bored and it’s NOT funny or entertaining unlike TV/Radio. and it DOESN’T matter what type of book I read (fiction, non-fiction, self-help, etc.) ALL books are boring for me and the WORST type of book for me is the books about life and personal development (I don’t even like the word “life” so don’t say this word on my blog post’s comments or on YOUR blog mentioning this blog because your comment will be deleted and YOUR blog will be blacklisted okay?)

on the other hand when I watch TV or listen to the radio, I become more calm, entertained and it kills my boredom (depending on the channel/radio station/TV or radio show that I’m watching or listening of course) and when I channel/station surf, I become EVEN MORE entertained you know? so this is the truth that proves the truth of my blog posts