I’m anti books and I like to circumvent laws instead of abiding to them in a 100% LEGAL way on CHANGE.ORG and I’m a pro TV/Radio Guy that doesn’t accept US society/government wishes and the lies told by anti-television and pro-books people on lifehack, verywell or any other website. Remember that I’m AGAINST productivity and creativity and I love instant gratification so don’t disagree with me because you will be banned (also don’t attack this blog post or any other blog post of this blog by posting on your blog that I’m lying and DON’T disagree my thoughts that I’m against productivity/creativity and that I love instant gratification on your blog because your blog will be attacked back OKAY?)

Remember the US GOVERNMENT IS SMART IN GENERAL but NOT AS SMART when it comes to petitioning the government in a legal way on online petition websites. the only reason that people didn’t got away with crimes, deportations/inadmissibility or visa/entry denials is because they didn’t start a petition or they did start it but they didn’t got enough signatures.

but back to Books/TV/Radio there is a better alternative to watching TV or listening to the radio which will do more good than harm which is INTERNET RADIO!!! (ignore lies that listening to the internet radio will do more harm than good because it won’t)

So I will listing my favorite websites to listen to the radio online right NOW:

Internet Radio.com


be tuned on this blog for my next posts my readers against books and supporters of TV/Radio. US Society should oppose books and support TV/Radio and circumventing laws in certain ways like: by petitioning US/State government on websites like: CHANGE.ORG. I’m AGAINST Bribery, Extortion, Harassment or any other illegal way to circumvent US Laws/US Society Rules. the only way of circumventing US Laws which I DO support which is currently legal unless if it becomes bribery, extortion, harassment or any other crime which is too EASY to avoid them (I will tell you how to avoid bribing, extorting or harassing anyone including the US Government via online petitions on my other post) is ONLINE PETITION Period

Thanks People

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