Recently I found the website of a radio station that tell you the benefits of listening to the radio and this proves that the video of a girl telling you the reasons to stop listening to the radio is EVEN MORE a lie than the videos and blog posts that tell you the reasons to get rid of your television.

So check out the blog post on the radio station as the post is an another evidence that people like the girl on YouTube who tell you the reasons to stop listening to the radio is a lie

Unfortunately in the case of television there are few people who tell the benefits of watching television and there are a LOT of people who posts on their blogs or upload their videos on YouTube telling you the reasons to get RID of your television (in other words: stop watching it) so I want to say to you guys that these posts is a partial lie since there are some disadvantages of watching television in relation to listening to the radio: the main disadvantage is that unlike listening to the radio (which doesn’t require you to look at the screen all day) watching TV does require you to sit on the couch AND look at the TV screen which is too passive and exhausting specially if you watch TV for a extended period of time. but listening to the radio DOESN’T require these things which is good because you can walk around your house, lay down on your bed and even read a book (I don’t have a habit of reading since is too boring for me to read a book and it doesn’t matter what type of book that I try to read, this means that ALL books are boring no matter what genre or type of the book) while listening to the radio.

So that’s it so see ya on the next post.



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