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Hello welcome to my blog

Hi people this is my new WordPress blog about my hate of the posts telling the benefits of reading a book and the reasons to STOP watching TV. in fact these people are telling you LIES; they don’t know what they are saying, they are trying to make your life miserable by trying to encourage to read more and watch less TV and I’m here to tell the truth. also they are trying to PROVE that what they are saying is true by showing the scientific studies proving that books lowers stress and watching TV rots your brain. However these scientific studies are FAKE. these scientists are LYING okay?

so feel free to see my blog posts and don’t forget to like my fan page and follow me on twitter and instagram. also feel free to send me an email to me if you have any questions of if you just want to talk to me. (no anti television and pro books emails please! your email will be blocked and you will not be able to send me the email anymore okay?)

so here is the truth: Books DON’T Change People, this website tells why You Should STOP reading Books and why you should NOT stop watching TV